Staff and Leadership

Pastoral and Program Staff

Available at (734) 662-4466 (extensions listed below). For individual bios, please visit the Pastoral and Program Staff page.

Name Title Ext. Email
Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers Associate Pastor 390
Rev. Jay Sanderford Associate Pastor 340
Rebeca Torres-Davenport Coordinator of Children’s Education and Family Ministry 342
Kristin Clark Interim Director of Music Ministries 347
Paul Haebig Interim Organist and Handbell Choir Director 351
Sandy Talbott Wellness Coordinator / Parish Nurse 350
Essie Koenig-Reinke Youth Ministries Coordinator 353
Rev. Evans McGowan Campus Ministries Coordinator 346
Rev. Blair Buckley Resident Minister 354
Rev. Eric Koenig-Reinke Resident Minister 348
Rev. Dorothy Piatt Resident Minister 355
G.J. Frye Peer Minister

Administrative Staff

Available at (734) 662-4466 (extensions listed below). For a listing with photos, please visit the Administrative Staff page.

Name Title Ext. Email
Anna Miller Finance Manager 344
Adrian Prundeanu Facilities Manager 343
Almer Harris Maintenance Specialist 352  
Linda Robinson Office Manager 359
Cindy King Administrative Assistant /
Children's Education Assistant
Robin Agnew Administrative Assistant 358
Mary Jones Communications Coordinator /
Pastoral Assistant
Lisa Haddrill Technology Coordinator 371
Dave Lett Finance Assistant 345