Philippines Mission

What We Do

An Evolution from Building Homes to Building Communities...


The Philippines Mission Team (PMT) provides scholarships and school uniforms to about eighty students each year, elementary through college, from Habitat (I-Home) neighborhoods. Without this support, these students would not be able to attend school. We also ship school books and supplies, collected from Washtenaw County schools, to the Silliman University Library, where they are prepared and distributed to all elementary and secondary schools throughout Dumaguete.

Health and Wellness

We provide the medical and dental supplies and Silliman University provides the doctors and dentists for an I-Home neighborhood clinic that we built. A decade ago we introduced and continue to support a daily protein-rich breakfast program at a local psychiatric hospital and rehabilitation center. We also provide eyeglasses, dental and hygiene supplies, as well as sanitation and cleaning supplies, reading materials and athletic activity supplies for the local Provincial Jail.


We have given sewing machines, and continue to ship notions, and fabric to our two I-Home neighborhood sewing co-ops. We continue to support a livelihood project for I-Home residents working in the hospital breakfast program and are starting a bakery project to train and support inmates in the Provincial Jail.

Join Us, Please!

We welcome you to attend a Philippines Mission Team meeting, held the second Sunday of the month at 12:15 p.m. in the French Room/Library. Please bring your questions, thoughts, and ideas! Thank you for your continued prayers and support. The Filipino people continually demonstrate their overwhelming love, warmth, faith, and gratitude.

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