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Cass Community Social Services provides services to the homeless and disadvantaged populations of Detroit. It serves these diverse populations by providing for basic needs, including affordable housing, promoting self-reliance and encouraging community involvement and improvement.

In 2010 our church began providing volunteer services at Cass Community Social Services in Detroit. Our first effort involved 75 members of our church doing a big weekend work project at Cass. Since then, groups of 20-25 have provided volunteer services at Cass twice a year. The spring trip is given to planting the vegetable gardens located near the Cass kitchen. Other First Pres groups have painted Cass buildings, weeded gardens, planted spring flowers, “rehabilitated” rooms, organized supply rooms, and sponsored a Christmas party for the children of Cass. First Pres hosted the Cass Ambassador Choir on two occasions and held a dinner in Ann Arbor for the benefit of Cass drawing nearly 230 people.

Cass Community Social Services is vital ministry, and a 501 (c) (3) organization, accredited in 2002. Prior to that many of its programs started as a part of Cass Community United Methodist Church. The Detroit-based agency works across the city in areas of concentrated poverty providing programs for food, health, housing and jobs. Cass prepares and serves one million meals annually.

Mission facts about Cass: 325 homeless men, women and children currently stay in one of Cass’ shelters, transitional housing or permanent supportive housing programs; Cass operates a weekly free medical clinic and a day program for 100 adults with developmental disabilities and 70 adults are currently employed in Cass’ Green Industries which marry jobs with sustainability. Rev Faith Fowler is the Director of Cass and a visionary pastor with a bent for practical social action.

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