At First Presbyterian, when a baby is born or adopted, we place a rose in the front of the church and note the child's arrival in the bulletin. We welcome the new baby, show how happy we are that there is a new child among us, and give thanks for this new life.

Soon, parents may begin to think about having their child baptized. Parents now encounter many questions. What is Baptism? What does it mean to be baptized? Can our baby be baptized at home? Do we need to be members of First Presbyterian Church to have our baby baptized here?

To help answer some of these questions, a minister from First Pres will meet with each family who is anticipating a baptism. This meeting is a requirement for parents before children are baptized. About once a month children are baptized during one of the morning services. Membership in the church by at least one parent is required in order to present a child for baptism.

The topics covered in the meeting include: Baptism and Its Meaning, Living Faithfully with Your Child, Caring for and Nurturing Your Child at Church, and Planning for the Baptism Day.

Free childcare is available by request. Those desiring to present a child for baptism or who wish to be baptized should contact Linda Robinson at 734-662-4466, ext. 359, or at

Schedule a Date

As soon as a family anticipates that they are ready to have their child baptized, contact Linda Robinson, Office Manager, at Linda and facilitate a meeting with a minister and schedule the date for baptism.

"In baptism, God adopts us and names us family ... We belong to each other in a new and special way through Jesus. Biology makes us relatives, but being claimed by God in baptism makes us family."
— Dr. Mary Hughes, Who Is My Family?