Health Ministries

You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone. by O. Hobart MowrerCaregivers Group

1st Tuesday each month, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. in the Vance Room

Light refreshments will be served

  • Come to listen ~
  • Come to talk ~
  • Come to recharge your batteries ~
  • Come to be yourself and feel cared for ~

Questions? Contact Sandy Talbott (Parish Nurse) at or (734) 662-4466 ext 350.

Tips for Navigating Safely on Slippery Ice

Click here to learn how to more safely walk on ice. This link has some helpful tips on staying upright and what to do if you start to fall.

How To Get Up After A Fall

There's snow coming, which means the autumn season turns to FALL season. Here is a great video with some creative ways to get back up after falling down, especially if you live alone. It's about 8 minutes long - feel free to share it with others.  To read the article complete with video, use this link:

Red Cross First Aid App

American Red Cross First Aid AppDownload a new FREE Red Cross First Aid app for your smartphone (available for iPhone and Android devices). You can have the first aid help you need, right in the palm of your hand!

Arbor Hospice's Grief Support Groups

Since 1984 Arbor Hospice, an independent, non-profit, community-based hospice, has been helping patients and their families through the end-of-life and grief journey by providing the highest quality physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Arbor Hospice understands the significance of losing a loved one and the impact it can have on an individual. Arbor Hospice's Grief Support Services consists of Masters-level clinicians who are specially trained to work with grief-related issues. A variety of support groups, programs and educational opportunities are offered throughout the year. All of Arbor Hospice's grief support and educational programs are free of charge and open to the community.

For a complete list of upcoming grief support programs, click here.

Sitting is the new Smoking

If you sit more than you walk or stand, you are at risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. To quit "sitting" requires movement.

  • Stand up from that computer screen.
  • Park at the far end of the lot to walk those extra steps.
  • Take the stairs down AND up, even if for just one or two floors and then catch the elevator.

This simple truth is also a difficult change to make if you've moved into a more sedentary job or retired from a physically busier occupation. Or the kids have left the nest so now you can kick back and relax in the evening - on the couch. Michele Obama began the "Let's Move" campaign to encourage healthier behaviors in children, both in diet and physical activity. So take a look at your life and how much you move. And stay tuned for more ways we Presbyterians can move!

Help for Hope Clinic

Mature Ministries is collecting diabetic test strips for the Hope Clinic. If you've ever seen or used a glucometer (a meter that tests your blood sugar) you may know that test strips are needed to complete each test. There are many different meters and just as many different test strips. Hope Clinic does not care what brand you have; they just want any test strips that you won't be using. They have many different meters themselves to give to their patients. The test strips, often covered by insurance for those who have it, can be costly, so they hope to be able to offer them at no cost to those in need.

If you have any leftover from other family, or know of any surplus, please drop them off at the Parish Nurse office or Church Office, and we'll get them to Hope Clinic. By sharing your excess, new diabetics or those without access to test strips, will be able to benefit from your generosity. Thank you so much!