Feeding Our Neighbors: Stadium Food Rescue

First Presbyterian’s Feeding Our Neighbors Program has been operating since 2011. During the last eight years the program has expanded from just picking up the cooked, but unsold, food at football games to include all Big Ten Basketball games and food from the athlete’s kitchen. The football games contribute about 1,000 lbs of hot dogs, brats, pizzas and pretzels per game. Basketball has about eighteen home games each year, each contributing about 250 lbs per game. The best source of food is from the athlete’s kitchen which prepares all the food for UM Athlete’s and selected catered events. This food is extremely high quality and ready to be reheated and served by the social organizations we support.

UM Football Games

Over the course of the eight years, we have rescued about 120,000 lbs of food. In 2019 we rescued 20,000 lbs of food which went to Cass Community Services, Second Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, Cirlces, and First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti’s Riverside Meal Program.

2019 Home Games: August 31, September 7, 28, October 5, 26, and November 16, 30

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Volunteers of all ages, from middle school to adults, are needed to support the football game food pickup. Register here!

Words of Gratitude

Matt Prentice, Chef, Cass Community Center said:

In Detroit, 36% of the population lives in "food insecurity". In other words, they do not know where their next meal will come from or weather they will eat at all. I am now feeding 30,000 people a month now that winter has set in as we feed five facilities that focus on the homeless of Detroit. The amazing amount of food you have brought us has made an indelible mark on our effort and, we, at Cass, could not be more grateful!

Nikki at Cass: "All the clients enjoy the popcorn and pretzels. It is a real treat for them. Keep up the good work!"

Pastor Edwards: Second MT Carmel M. B. C

Thanks to you and your family and church for all that you have done and have given to our church ministry. We pray that some day we will be able to return the blessing in a way that God will be pleased. Have a Merry Christmas, you and yours. We will forever make mention of you all in our prayers. God Bless You, Pastor Edwards and Church