Feeding Our Neighbors: Stadium Food Rescue

"The outrage of hunger amidst plenty will not be solved by 'experts' somewhere. It will only be solved when people like you and me decide to act." ~Frances Moore Lappe

Help Needed at UM Basketball Games

By the end of the football season we will have collected 14,000 lbs of food for Cass Community Services, Riverside Meal Program, and Second Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Detroit – or about 30,000 meals. Basketball season is another opportunity for one or two people to help with each Big Ten Game, staring December 2. Contact Don Redding, dredding58@yahoo.com, if you’d like to help. Note: We get to see most of the game and it takes about 1.5 hours after the end of the game.

UM Football Games

For the last six years, First Presbyterian Church has rescued food from the UM Stadium and Crisler Arena with the support of the Sodexo organization. This food is made available to us after the games and First Pres members save the food for later distribution to Cass Community Services and Second Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, both in Detroit.

For the University of Michigan has home football games we need volunteers to help in four areas:

This is a great activity as you are part of game day but also get to see “the other side” of the Stadium experience. The group has a great time and you get a free hot dog(s) and popcorn while participating in picking up the food and storing it in the freezer. The Detroit experience on Sunday is eye opening as you see real poverty and the positive impact our efforts have on the people.

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What We Collected In 2016

Feeding Our Neighbors has just completed its sixth season, collecting over 10,000 lbs of food in 2016. This means that over 75,000 lbs of food have been delivered to hungry people over the past six years! The food rescued from the concession stands at UM Football and Basketball games is mostly pizzas, hot dogs, and brats. High quality foods including steak, ravioli, pasta, fajitas, chili, tacos, and vegetables are rescued from the student athletes’ kitchen. The majority of the food is delivered to Cass Community Kitchen in Detroit. The Second Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in downtown Detroit also receives food. The Riverside Meal Program run by First Presbyterian Church in Ypsilanti Riverside Meal Program uses the rescued kitchen food as their main course for most of the evening meals.

This valuable program helps feed hungry people all over Southeast Michigan. The good news is that we are able to carry out this program with about twenty-five volunteers. The bad news is that we only have twenty-five volunteers, so a few people carry most of the load. Please help us keep it going. Consider giving a few hours of your time to this important mission once or twice a year. The next phase of food rescue starts with the Big Ten basketball season, so there is time to get involved right now.  Sign up for the football games here. Contact Don Redding (dredding58@yahoo.com) if you have questions.

Words of Gratitude

Matt Prentice, Chef, Cass Community Center said:

In Detroit, 36% of the population lives in "food insecurity". In other words, they do not know where their next meal will come from or weather they will eat at all. I am now feeding 30,000 people a month now that winter has set in as we feed five facilities that focus on the homeless of Detroit. The amazing amount of food you have brought us has made an indelible mark on our effort and, we, at Cass, could not be more grateful!

Nikki at Cass: "All the clients enjoy the popcorn and pretzels. It is a real treat for them. Keep up the good work!"

Pastor Edwards: Second MT Carmel M. B. C

Thanks to you and your family and church for all that you have done and have given to our church ministry. We pray that some day we will be able to return the blessing in a way that God will be pleased. Have a Merry Christmas, you and yours. We will forever make mention of you all in our prayers. God Bless You, Pastor Edwards and Church