Small Groups

Join a small group for bible study, fellowship and prayer.

You are invited to join a small group for Bible study, sharing and prayer. You can join an ongoing bible study or reading group, or join a fellowship group.

The fellowship group is a place to get to know a few people well as you share a common desire to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Fellowship groups of 5 to 12 generally meet in members' home twice each month to support and encourage one another in our lives as Christians. The groups study the Bible together, pray for one another and share their lives, ideas, concerns, laughter, and sometimes, food. Through studying God's word together group members connect Biblical truth with their lives. They build relationships with each other that stand the test of time and trials. They are facilitated by trained lay leaders and the curriculum is chosen by the group, with the help of the facilitators. There is a group scheduled nearly every day of the week, and times vary.

How Can I Join a Fellowship Group?

For more information, or to sign up for a group, contact Olivier Jolliet, at or Nicole Jolliet at

When I decided to join a small group for Bible study and fellowship, I had no idea how significantly it would change my life. As we opened our hearts during the Bible studies, our hearts were opened to the work of the Holy Spirit and as our intimacy with one another deepened, so did our intimacy with God. I cannot begin to express the impact it has had on my own personal growth in faith and my ongoing transformation as a follower of Christ. -Jeanette Kibler

Additional Reading and Study Groups

Other small groups, such as reading groups and bible studies, are also available. During Advent and Lent, small groups meet once a week to read and discuss a particular book selected for the entire church to read during that holy season. To get in a small group for Bible study, or for more information on book groups, discussion groups, or Advent and Lenten groups, contact Rev. Rogers,