Jeane Seeley Mission Fund

Jeane Seeley was quiet, confident, consumed by the Holy Spirit, committed to living her faith and dedicated to helping others through mission.

The First Presbyterian Church created the Jeane Seeley Mission Fund to support new and special mission opportunities. This fund, made possible through Jeane's generous gift, focuses on providing support for mission-oriented projects at local, regional, national and international levels. The fund is intended to encourage a wide range of congregational participation, as well as the implementation of new ideas. It is based on the concept of growing in faith by serving others.

The Jeane Seeley Mission Fund will provide financial support to church members or groups for mission-oriented projects as warranted by the actions and anticipated impacts of the specific project. The Session has determined that the $300,000 fund will be utilized within ten years. As of January, 2013 more than $180,000 has been awarded for a wide array of projects, both small and large that focus more on programs and outreach rather than 'bricks and mortar' projects.

A small sampling of the funded projects include:

  • Several Habitat for Humanity homes
  • Scholarships for Campus Ministry students to experience mission trips.
  • Funds to assist individuals to move from a homeless encampment to permanent housing
  • Funds to purchase materials to construct a soccer field in Costa Rica by the high school mission trip participants
  • Renovation of the Peace Neighborhood Center's computer lab
  • Purchase of a van in Haiti to transport students of the nursing school to remote clinical sites
  • An educational exchange supporting the improvement of the educational system in Vanuatu
  • The creation of a program to allow children in foster care experience summer camp at Camp Westminster

The program is administered by the Jeane Seeley Mission Fund Committee comprised of Carol Smith (chair), Ruth Barnard, Sue Jeffers, John Kinzinger and Tim Wendler.

The Application Process

Informal workshops are held annually to answer questions by interested applicants and assist in the application process.

Applications will be welcomed at any time throughout the year and reviewed quarterly. To be considered, the applicant must complete the grant application form, available below and in the church office. The form is intended to assist the applicant(s) in developing their project approach, and identifying needs and anticipated impacts. The Jeane Seeley Fund Committee will also assume responsibility for monitoring implementation of the selected efforts.

Complete the online application form to apply for a grant from the Jeane Seeley Mission Fund. Or, download and complete a hard copy of the application here.

The Jeane Seeley Fund Committee, the Mission Committee and the Session hope you will consider opportunities to become engaged in the mission activities of our church. We encourage you to contribute to and help develop this essential missional component of our Christian life. May God bless us and guide us as we reach out to others in His name, that we may find grace through service.