Tie-dye Extravaganza!

Sunday, August 25, 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019

We’ve got color! Join us on August 25, 10:30 a.m. on the Front Lawn. Join our dye experts, Lois Bryant and Rebecca Chen, during the 10:30 a.m. Coffee Hour to create your own, one-of-a-kind, tie-dye masterpiece. Bring a clean white shirt/socks/bandanna/bag/anything and we'll provide the color and ties. Take it home to dry and wash, then wear it the following Sunday, September 1 for worship and annual Ice Cream Social! (For your bible lovers — "For the gate into the courtyard there will be a screen thirty feet long, made of blue, purple, and deep red yarns and of fine twisted linen, decorated with needlework. It will have four posts with their four bases." (Exodus 27:16).)