Ordination and Installation of Officers

Sunday, January 13, 2019

It is a joyful day when we ordain and install officers to serve Christ through serving this congregation. On Sunday, January 13 at 9:30, we will ordain and install our new elders – Sue Cares, Bruce Clyde, Jeanette Kibler, Jim Peggs, Helena Prince, Mary Lynn Thomson, Bob Wallin and Ken Westfall.

At 11:00, we will ordain and install our new deacons – Mary Polkowski, Elsa Stuber, John Yodhes, Diane Knibbs, Gary Stahl, Lori Pickard, Judy Landau, Jesse Feyen, Jim Hall, Kyle Hall, Julie Wheaton, Jim Campbell, Aidan Majorprice, Charlotte Anderson, Peggy Hodgson, Jim Mulcrone. We will ordain and install John LeDuc and Rohn Federbush in February at an 8:00 service. Come and worship with us that day and stay for cake and a celebration following during Coffee Hour. Meet and greet our new Church Officers!