Stewardship 2020

2020 Vision: Making God's Love Visible

As today’s members of First Pres, we’re the stewards of our church in the pursuit of its mission to Make God’s Love Visible. It’s an honor and responsibility passed to us by our predecessors dating back almost 200 years. To be successful stewards requires the talent, time, and financial support of each of us. Please look over the list of areas on our Volunteer form where you can Volunteer and lend your talent and time wherever you’re able. Please also lend your financial support by making a pledge to First Pres with the Pledge Commitment form. Financial support makes all our worship and activities possible, and by making a pledge we inform Session of how much financial support to expect. That information lets Session determine whether we’re able to maintain or even expand what we do.

By committing our talent, time, & financial support to First Pres, together we can Make God’s Love Visible.

Make a Pledge for 2020

Every pledge is important to First Pres! No pledge is too large or too small if it’s given in gratitude to God. Every pledge matters!

Pledge Commitment Form

We can be stewards of the gifts God gives us by giving of our time and our talents. By sharing ourselves in this way, we uniquely participate in our church family.

Volunteer Form: Finding Your Place to Serve

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization (PDF) (Please Note: If you are setting up an automatic withdrawal please mail or drop off this authorization form to the Finance Office. This form must be updated each year.)

We ask that each member prayerfully complete both the Volunteer and Pledge Commitment forms. Financial commitments or pledges are non-binding should your personal circumstances change; and they can be paid in installments throughout the 2020 calendar year.

Notice Something Different?

2020 Vision: Making God's Love Visible Tabloid

This year's Stewardship publication is a little different from our usual trifold brochure. Why? We wanted to explore what it means to “Make God’s Love Visible” and in upacking that statement we found the heart of our congregation. We found the stories, the personal experiences of sharing God’s love in the world. It’s that moment when that love changes both the recipient and the giver … an epiphany that could happen while singing a hymn in worship, during a discussion in an Adult Education class, while helping a client at the Delonis Center pick out a card to send to a friend, or when dropping off flowers and praying with someone who is ill. We decided we needed to share some of those stories. For every story in this publication, there are thousands more. Take a moment to read those shared by some of your fellow First Pressers.

View the "2020 Vision: Making God's Love Visible Newspaper" here!

By the way, we also decided to have a little fun... We thought a newspaper might be a bit more interesting to read, so enjoy the newsy headlines and tabloid style ads. Can you find the joke article? (Answer on page A8!) Just remember, we need YOU to Make God’s Love Visible in this beautiful world.

Our 2020 Goal

$1,800,000 is our 2020 stewardship goal - This is the amount needed to maintain current programs

  • 500 individuals and families made pledges in 2019, which is 70% of First Pres members
  • We can reach our 2020 goal by doing two things:
  1. Raise the percent of members who pledge to 80%
  2. Raise the average gift per pledge by 5%
  • Every pledge, no matter its size, is important and appreciated

Pledges Received and 2020 Goal Graph

The chart above gives a sense of both our ‘actual’ pledge experience for 2018, and our goal for 2020. We are focused on increasing the pledging participation level of our congregation, from 70% to something closer to 80% of the existing members. This, coupled with the ongoing commitment of those who have participated in the past, will allow us to support the current programming, plus new initiatives planned.

To that end, we will be doing a number of things this Fall to encourage new pledges from those that have not been able to participate in past years, for one reason or another. As an example, we have created a matching program for new pledges from ‘young families’. The result is that for each dollar which those families are now able to make a commitment, we have a group of existing donors that have agreed to make a matching commitment, in an incremental pledge of their own. The church ends up with a larger giving family, and being closer to achieving our needs.

In the end, many hands make light work. Our hope is that we all work together to allow us in 2020, as a congregation, to grow in our ability to Make God’s Love Visible.

What is First Pres Doing to Make God's Love Visible?

2020 Vision Crossword Answers

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