Stewardship 2018

"Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”   -- Colossians 3:14

Letting Love Show

Letting Love Show Brochure 2017

We are blessed to share together in the life of our church. We worship together, we celebrate new life and new love together, we strive to raise loving, thoughtful children together, we mourn the loss of loved ones and celebrate their lives together, and we work shoulder to shoulder to carry out our mission work together. We can envision a red thread gently connecting our lives through time and place. It is a reassuring tether that reminds us that God’s love is the unending thread that binds us together as we strive to let love show in all we do.

First Pres, and each of us, are called to be there for one another. As we learn about Jesus and attempt to follow his perfect example, we realize that it requires intentional action to make a positive impact in our world. First Pres provides each of us with meaningful worship, Christian education, community, and enriching mission opportunities. All we need to do is intentionally engage to reap the many benefits of our Christian life together. By committing to pledge your financial support, as well as your time and talent, you ensure that the vibrant ministries and outreach at First Pres will continue. Please intentionally act today and complete your pledge forms. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

Make a Pledge for 2018

No pledge is too small or too large if it reflects your gratitude to God. The very act of pledging serves to demonstrate shared gratitude and commitment to spreading the good news of God’s grace. Every pledge matters!

Complete Your Financial Commitment here

We can be stewards of the gifts God gives us by giving of our time and our talents. By sharing ourselves in this way, we uniquely participate in our church family.

Complete Your Opportunities to Serve here

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization (PDF) (Please Note: If you are setting up an automatic withdrawal please mail or drop off this authorization form to the Finance Office. This form must be updated each year.)

We ask that each member prayerfully complete both the Opportunities to Serve and Financial Commitment forms. Financial commitments or pledges are non-binding should your personal circumstances change; and they can be paid in installments throughout the 2018 calendar year.

How Much To Pledge

  • God calls us to let love show in all we do. Supporting God’s church with our time, talent, and treasure is a tangible way to respond to this call.
  • Tithing is the Biblical standard of giving 10% of annual income to the church. Some achieve this goal, some set it as a goal.
  • If you currently pledge to First Pres, please consider increasing the amount of your annual gift as you are able, to move closer to 10%.
  • If you don’t currently pledge, please make this the year that you start. You will join others who ensure the continued thriving ministries at First Pres.
  • Every pledge is important to First Pres! No pledge is too large or too small if it’s given in gratitude to God.
  • Your giving level is strictly confidential. Nobody in the congregation has access to individual pledge amount information.

Our 2018 Stewardship Challenge

  • The 2018 pledge goal is $1,700,000, which is an increase of 3% over the 2017 pledge goal, and 5.5 % greater than actual 2017 pledges received.
  • 80% of FPC’s annual income comes from pledges.
  • If pledge goal is not met, all ministries at First Pres receive less funding to match expenses to income.
  • Meeting all ministry needs requires support from all members!

Expenditures By Ministry

Under careful deliberation of Session and guidance by church staff, your pledge is used to support First Pres’ activities in roughly the following percentages

Expenditures by Ministry graph

Financial Management

  • First Pres finances are reviewed annually by an independent CPA firm.
  • Session sets and manages the Church budget each year and makes adjustments based on funds available.
  • Pledges are important as they represent funds that the church can count on when setting the annual budget.

Letting Love Show Devotionals

We are sending out a special series of photo devotionals this Stewardship season highlighting ways we are "Letting Love Show" here at First Pres. If you would like to receive these devotions now through October 23 (a few per week), please subscribe below. These photos will also be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

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