Visioning at First Pres

Visioning the Future of First Presbyterian Church

During 2016/2017 the Session received a number of important reports on youth ministry, re-imagined mission ministry, campus ministry, the state of our physical plant and the potential scope of a capital campaign. It became clear to Session, that our church needed greater clarity on  who we are called by God to be as we approach the third decade of the 21st Century (vision).

The Session devoted our 2017 Fall Retreat to begin the visioning process, and created the Mission-Vision Task Force to continue this effort into 2018. The Task Force is facilitating a process to gain clarity on our Church’s mission and vision which will then inform decisions regarding our ministries, building, and financial resources, and enable us to set direction and align our staff and committees with our vision.

We would like to introduce ourselves and encourage any member to speak with us to share their thoughts and hopes for our church. To learn more about the Mission and Vision task force members, visit the member page.


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