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About the Philippines Mission Team

The Philippines Mission Team, following God's lead, supports projects that serve to develop relationships, promote self-sufficiency, and meet the needs of the Dumaguete area community.

With a connection first established with the 1999 Carter Habitat for Humanity blitz, the Philippines Mission Team members have returned approximately every two or three years to the city of Dumaguete, building Habitat community homes, a dental clinic, and community center. Perhaps more important than the buildings is our engagement with the Habitat communities through providing high school and college scholarships, medical supplies, and start-up funds (for raising chickens, for example) or resources (such as gently used shoes and fabrics) for livelihood projects.

Outside the Habitat communities but within the Dumaguete area, our mission efforts include providing meals for indigent children; nutrition projects and building a shelter at the local mental hospital; and collecting used books and school supplies here at home which are sent to the local elementary schools and adding to the children's lending library at Silliman University. In addition, we continue to build relationships with the Silliman University church and work with them to help the Habitat communities.

Raising funds through staffing a UM football concession stand, managing an annual rummage sale, hosting a Filipino dinner and a soup and salad supper for the Ann Arbor community provide the Mission Team special opportunities for camaraderie and service.

Philippines Dental Clinic Reopens!

Built in 2000 as a project of First Presbyterian Church, the dental clinic at Bajumpandan, Philippines is now open and seeing patients once again! Our partners at Silliman University, in nearby Dumaguete, Philippines have worked to reopen, staff and operate the dental clinic in Bajumpandan. The clinic is open several half-days a week and welcomes patients with a wide range of needs, including pain relief, extractions, and a hygiene program. Many patients have never seen a dentist before receiving care in Bajumpandan.

The dental clinic was originally built by volunteers from First Pres including John Kinzinger, Greg Detmer, and Karl Bartscht with generous funds provided by Kathy and Bob Swartz and Ross Anderson. The building was designed by local Dumaguete architects and Jeff Taggart. Since the dental clinic has resumed actively treating patients, First Pres, through our Philippines Mission Team, has provided support for supplies, new equipment and operating costs. Silliman University has funded the largest share of operating costs and the dentist’s salary as part of their commitment to the local community. First Pres’ connection with the Philippines began in 1999, and Philippines Mission Team members have returned to Dumaguete every two or three years, building Habitat homes, a dental clinic, and community center, and providing high school and college scholarships, medical supplies, a feeding program, and ministry at a local prison.


New members are always welcome. We meet the second Sunday each month at 12:00 p.m. at First Pres. Persons are also welcome to help out with any or all of our fund raising efforts. Our annual report, financial budget, and future goals are available.

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